Golden Years of Music

Hi Pals,

One of the most important parts of who I am as a person is music. I grew up with a Dad who loves Classic Rock and a Mom who loves Jackson Browne and Billy Joel. What this did was give me an incredibly eclectic taste in music.
That being said, I truly think I was born in the perfect time for music lovers. While I truly believe that today’s music isn’t quite up to snuff as decades previous, what I mean is that the music technology that exists is a music lover’s dream. I subscribe to Spotify and I truly believe it is the best money I spend all month.

The ability to make playlists filled with Johnny Clegg, Blind Melon, The Who, Mumford and Sons and Dave Matthews Band is the perfect match for my diverse listening tastes. It’s also fun to watch the friend feed to watch what my friend’s are listening. There is nothing better than looking at my coworker pulling reporting and knowing that they’re listening to “Get Low” on a Monday morning.

Do you guys use Spotify? If not, what other music streaming services do you use? I’m bias to Spotify, but would love to hear some opinions on some others!

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Humming my new favorite song in your ear,




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