Warrior Not Worrier

Hey Y’all,

Happy Monday! Over the past few months, I have truly been trying to make Mondays more enjoyable. While poor Mondays have a negative connotation because you’re headed back to work or waking up for school, they also come with a ton of unnecessary anxiety.


The only thing more frightening than the Sunday Scaries is the Manic Monday. Everyone seems to be catching up on all of the things they put off on Friday while trying to head into the weekend a little earlier.

While scrolling through Pinterest this weekend, I saw a mantra that fit very much in line with how I’ve been trying tackle Mondays. Warrior Not Worrier. We need to start looking at Mondays as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.

Instead of worrying about what could happen, we need to focus more on fighting the battle and accomplishing something! The word opportunity is defined as a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. Since Monday is a new opportunity to start the week, let’s start looking at it as such.


I’m the queen of the Manic Monday, but I’m going to start repeating this in my head as I get ready and commute into work in order to start the work week off on the right foot. It’s important to start fresh to power through the week strong!

I urge you to find yourself to be a warrior, not a worrier and take note in the difference you see in your week.

As always, I’m sending all the strong, positive vibes I possibly can your way.


Paige xx


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