Hi! My name is Paige Jacqueline and I’m a 25 year old gal who is pretty obsessed with the Internet. I am addicted to all things pop culture and you can pretty much guarantee I’ll know about any celebrity break-ups or the top trending topic on Twitter before it becomes popular knowledge.


Although I was born and raised in New York, I have lived in Los Angeles, London and most recently Dublin. I love to travel and always have. My bucket list of places to see is longer than any little kid’s Christmas list. I currently work in Manhattan and live just a stone’s throw across the water.


I am a huge fan of all things beauty and lifestyle related. I follow a lot of blogs as well as Youtubers who base their channels around these topics. I hope to use what I learned from following these lovely ladies for so long as well as my love of travel and pop culture to create a cool space on this vast world of the Internet!

I’m an Ithaca College graduate who majored in Integrated Marketing Communications. I love Iced Hazelnut Coffee as much as I love a warm mug of tea. I’m a sucker for bagels at any time of day and almost always have 5 types of lipstick in my bag. I love simple outfits with fun accessories to spice up my wardrobe. I have a dog named Winston who I am obsessed with and I love to snapchat him walking around on his hind legs. My family and friends are very important to me and although I think for myself, their opinions do matter to me as they’ve helped shape me into who I am today. I think that about sums me up! Welcome to “A Paige Turning Life!”


Paige xx


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