Be A Nice Human

Hey Guys,

This week has been my first week back commuting to work! It’s been a long run of it, but I’m finally feeling up to taking public transportation again. I forgot how much effort it is when you’re not traveling door to door like a boujee princess via Lyft!

That being said, I’m left with a LOT of thoughts. While I won’t share them all here, I think the most simple and the most important is this: Be a Nice Human. It’s not difficult to comprehend and it’s not even hard to do! While I love New York and I love the opportunity I have to work there, the Subway is an interesting place.

nice human.jpg

Once again, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I am a strong, independent woman. That being said, I don’t always need a seat while I have a giant boot on my foot, but it would be nice to not be shoved while I’m trying to get on the train.



While I know I’m nitpicking, I love this city. Once I’m officially back on two feet and bootless, I’ll be back in action and ready to take on everyone on public transportation. Back to my main point, Be a nice human. I promise it’s worth it!


Until next time,

Paige xx


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