Swanky Summertime Jewels

Hi Folks,

As you may have noticed from my pictures, I am a huge fan of jewelry. While I do tend to wear a lot of it, I always make sure that they are good quality pieces that also don’t tend to break the bank.

Our friends over at AURate Jewelry are launching a new line today and I am ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED with the pieces. Each one conveys a feeling of class and elegance, while still leaving some cash in your pocket.

Their summer line is stunning – there really is something for everyone. Each piece is simple enough to feel elegant, but certainly still makes a statement. Click on any of the pieces below to take a look for yourself!


Cuff Earring
Cuff Earring
Diamond Bezel Ring
Diamond Bezel Ring
Diamond Bezel Bracelet
Bar Necklace

I think one of my favorite parts about this new line, as well as the overall brand is the ability to mix and match. While any of the pieces are able to be worn together, they are also unique enough to wear on their own. There are pieces made of gold, white gold, diamond, pearls – the list goes on and on. I personally like to mix up the materials and colors.

While I love classic jewelry, I am always looking for something with a little bit of a twist. The cuff earring is one of my absolute favorites and would go with any additional jewelry I may be wearing.

Although I would love to see any of these pieces in my own jewelry collection, this has given me some GREAT ideas for birthday gifts as well.

While this is an exclusive (yaaas VIPs!) first look at their new collection, hop on over to their website to gawk at all of their pieces! I am drooling over the Diamond Bezel Ring.

Let me know what your favorite pieces are in the comments!

Elegantly yours,

Paige xx


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