Be the Ultimate Wedding Guest

Hi Folks,

Wedding Season is upon us! While there are weddings throughout the year, the bulk of our invites always seem to have us booked up from late spring – early fall. While weddings are so exciting and full of love, we know it’s a stressful time of planning for the bride and groom! While I totally respect the stress that goes into a planning, it would be remiss of us to not recognize the stress that goes into finding the perfect outfit as a guest!


While we all want to look good for pictures that are inevitably going to last a lifetime (I’m talking professional and insta-worthy!), we also have to keep in mind the rules that apply when it comes to wedding style. Don’t wear white, dress appropriately, what’s the weather like? The list goes on and on!

Ladies: Comfort is key. This carries over into what the weather is, how long you are going to be there and also the transportation involved in getting to the location! While you want to look good, worst case scenario would be to arrive and be uncomfortable for the hours following! My best suggestion is layering. Whether the weather is hot, cold, in between – you are prepared for anything that comes your way AND you’ll look good doing it.

Lads: It is ALWAYS better to be over dressed than under dressed. While sometimes a pair of slacks and a polo may be appropriate for a wedding, that isn’t always the case! If you’re unsure, dress on the classier side. You would always rather be looking fresh and be over dressed than show up looking like a slob.

Luckily our friends over at the Black Tux make life nice and simple when it comes to wedding style. Whether you are a wedding guest (or even a part of the ceremony!) The Black Tux has you covered. Not only do they help with fitting and style, you get to RENT the tux. This allows you to save some money, change up your look from wedding to wedding and also always be lookin’ fly.

wedding 2

I am obsessed with weddings and wedding style. While I’m a bit far out from my own wedding, there is nothing more exciting than watching people celebrate their love and getting to be a part of it. I even have an entire pinterest board dedicated to it! You can access Blissful Nuptials here.

The infographic below helps lay it all out for you!



You can find more information on wedding style, tips and tricks here. And get started in the renting process so you can look (almost!) as fly as the actual couple.

Sending stylish vibes your way,

Paige xx


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