Swooning for Sunnies

Hey Folks,

The weather today has me dreaming of summer days and rooftop drinks. While we haven’t had a super chilly winter this year in the northeast, it’s still been gloomy enough that I’m looking forward to warmer days with my pals.

Obviously with summer days and rooftop bars comes my favorite accessory – sunglasses. I am OBSESSED with sunnies. While I have had probably hundreds of sunglasses over the span of my 25 years of life, recently, I’ve started to truly invest in quality sunglasses. Your eyes are important and over exposure to the sun can cause damage to your windows to the world.

The brand that I have been eyeing (pun intended) up recently, is Warby Parker. This brand is one of my very favorites. Warby Parker is known for funky, affordable and fab glasses. They found a problem with the extremely overpriced eyewear market and decided to do something about it. So not only are they adorable and allow you to make a statement, they don’t burn a hole in your pocket, which may be the best part of all!

Earlier this month, Warby Parker launched their brand new Spring 2017 Sunglass Line. I have done little other than drool over all of the fantastic new frames. They are fun, flirty, funky and fab. There is a pair for everyone. Men, Women, Introverts, Extroverts – truly one of their most diverse lines yet.


While there are a TON of cute frames on the site, my favorites are the Durand, Margot and Aubrey. These sunnies are head turning and make you feel like an absolute superstar.


The Classy Durand
The Magnificent Margot
The Attention Grabbing Aubrey

My favorite part of Warby Parker is their mantra and where they started. They were founded with a “rebellious spirit.” I was a born rebel. I’m a disrupter and I’m independent. While I like to cause a stir and turn heads, I also love to give back. Warby Parker is involved with a number of non-profits and donates a pair of glasses to someone in need with every pair purchased. What’s better than being stylish AND knowing that it goes to a good cause.


As Warby Parker says, “There’s nothing complicated about it. Good eyewear, good outcome.”


They’ll have you feeling fresh, flirty, revived and ready for sunshine, just how Spring leaves you feeling as you prepare for summer. Get your own stylish sunnies for all of your sunscapades here!

Sending lots of sunshine your way,

Paige xx


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