My New Fave Food

I am basically a carnivore. I could eat meat every single day for each and every meal. That being said, I’ve read up on red meat and I know it’s not great to be eating all of the time. It causes bloat, can increase the your risk of heart disease cancer and diabetes – the list goes on and on.

While I could never fully GIVE UP cold turkey, I have tried to eat less red meat. A pal of mine turned my boyfriend and I onto ground turkey. I had heard that it tasted the same as ground beef, but I just didn’t quite believe it.

Well folks, I WAS WRONG. I am now obsessed with ground turkey.  By substituting ground turkey, you reduce the amount of cholesterol and saturated fats that you’re consuming. Not only that, but I truly think, dare I say it, GROUND TURKEY TASTES BETTER.

For instance, last night Eddie and I made ground turkey burgers with feta and spinach. For picky eaters like me, adding a TON of spinach into the patty is a great way to get some greens. They are incredibly easy to make and taste absolutely delicious. If only I had some ripe avocados in my apartment, then we really would be talkin’!

turkey burger

While I know it’s not healthy to just eat ground turkey all the time without vegetables and other food groups – it is an awesome substitute when you’re really craving some meat. We were able to find a ton of delicious recipes on Pinterest. There are so many fantastic bloggers who write up easy to follow instructions for those of us who are not quite as culinary inclined as others.

Take a look here and try it out! Dying to rant and rave about my new favorite food that I’m shaping most of my dinners around. Let me know which recipes you try!

Sending lots of love and gobble gobbles your way,

Paige xx


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