Sunday Morning Solace

There is something about Sundays that I have come to love. While a lot of times, Sunday brings back memories of having to go back to school the next day and rushing to finish homework that I procrastinated all weekend, it has now become a time for reflection and relaxation.

It doesn’t hurt that my parents have a kick ass beach house that I can escape to whenever I want, but even when I’m home in my sweet little apartment, I am able to relax in the thought of Sunday. Whether it is staying in sweatpants all day while my boyfriend and I make breakfast or adventuring out for a walk down by the waterfront, it is perfection.


I have consciously tried to focus on the positives of Sunday to avoid the Sunday Scaries that plague so many of us. The stress from the work week and all of the things that we have to do is sometimes too much and all comes crashing down on Sunday when you have to face it all over again the next day.


I have taken to trying to make Sunday mine. I make a breakfast that I love or go out to brunch to take in the day. It sure is easier when the weather is gorgeous, but even on a crummy day you can find ways to relax and reset. Sunday was meant to be a day of rest and if you are able to, TAKE IT to do just that.


Today I woke up with a killer water view before heading upstairs to have a homemade breakfast by my dad, fruit salad beautifully prepared by my mom and snuggle with my dog (and boyfriend!) Taking this time has become very important to me. While I know I ahve a crazy, stressful work week ahead of me, today I get to sit back, relax and rejuvenate.

I hope you all are able to do the same.

Sending happy February Sunday vibes your way,

Paige xx


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