Life is Beautiful

The world is becoming an increasingly scary place. Horrifying news coverage gets trumped by more horrifying news coverage. While we’re still mourning over Paris, Beirut and all of the other attacks that occurred around us on that day, we’re met with BREAKING NEWS about the deadly mass shooting in San Bernardino. While we watch with broken hearts, in times like these, it’s important to cling to what is beautiful or else we’ll never make it.

A high school student made a film that brought me to tears. She filmed the reactions of students and teachers at her high school the moment she told them they were beautiful.

It’s touching, heartwarming and so important. It’s even more important that something so wonderful wasn’t some high budget commercial or movie, it was a school project. It shows that even in our scary world where everything seems to be taking a turn for the worse, there still is beauty, love and light. And that is what we need to recognize in the mass pandaemonium that is our planet. Watch the video here and maybe today take a look around and notice the positive things that make up your life. Whether it be a sunny day, the face of someone you love or even just a great cup of coffee, notice it and be grateful because that’s what makes life beautiful.




Paige xx


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