Make-up Review: Physician’s Formula – Organic Wear Mascara

Hi folks,

This review comes from a suggestion of my BFF’s Mama. She knows I’m always looking for new beauty products and suggested this mascara to me.

While on my lunch break at work, I decided to pop into CVS and pick up a few things (M&Ms, Cough Drops, Mascara- The usual.) I made a beeline for the Physician’s Formula section so I could grab one of their mascaras.


I love Physician’s Formula. Their products are all organic and free of harsh chemicals that are often found in so many other brands of makeup. I have a number of their products, but never thought to try their mascara! I don’t know why because my eyes are very often irritated by mascara so there’s only a few brands I like.

This Organic Wear Mascara TAKES THE CAKE. It is AMAZING. Not only does it make my eyes look incredible, but it FEELS incredible. I put a number of coats on to give it the true test and my lashes were clump free and felt weightless. It’s fantastic! I am kicking myself for all the time and money I spent on other mascaras that irritated my eyes or went to waste.


Physician’s Formula has a number of mascaras in this line depending on what kind you prefer. The one I purchased was different than the one Mama Lisa recommended to me, but I had the same praises to sing. I chose their base line mascara (as in not Falsies, etc,) but ALL of them have awesome reviews.


I recommend this to anyone looking for a new mascara or anyone tired of putting unknown chemicals so close to your eyes, THIS IS THE MASCARA FOR YOU. Seriously, you can buy it at most, if not all, drug stores and it’s only about 10 bucks. I’m hooked!

Let me know in the comments if you have tried this or any other Physician’s Formula products. I’m dying to expand my collection 🙂


Paige xx


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