OOTD: Work Style

Hey Guys,

I know it’s been a minute, but I’m adjusting to my new job and also getting ready to move! I basically have been spending most of my free time snuggling my dog and boyfriend or sleeping. All good and exciting things, but time consuming and an adjustment period nonetheless.

While my uniform for work the last few months has been mostly just jeans and a black tshirt (ahhh the service industry), I have been trying to put outfits together that go with my company’s “smart casual business” attire. The guys at my office wear slacks and a button down everyday, while the girls seem to have a bit more freedom when it comes to fashion. Girls wear everything from dresses to khakis, from skirts to harem pants. I love it because I get to “dress for work” but also get to be comfortable, which is the ultimate goal anyway haha.

My normal work outfit is something along the lines of black pants, cute top and a blazer. It’s what I feel fits most in with the company dress code, but is also my style. IMG_3368        IMG_3364


Jeans: American Eagle Sateen X (Literally the most comfortable pants ever)

Top: H&M (Part of their Recycled Material Line)

Blazer: H&M (Comes in a ton of different colors)

Shoes: Hinge (Nordstrom 2013)

This next outfit was because I wasn’t sure how casual I could go on Casual Friday (it was my first one after all!) I chose a comfy sweater/top, and some casual pants with some comfy flats so I didn’t have to bring a change of shoes for my commute. Turns out jeans are A-OK, but I certainly still fit in with this outfit.  (Please excuse the mirror selfie and early 2009 duck face.)


Top: Marshall’s

Pants: Forever 21

Flats: Penney’s/Primark (Ireland’s Finest and one of the things I miss most!)

I am certainly by no means a Fashion expert, I just like to give some insight as to how you can still have affordable clothes that work for work (See what I did there?) I have a few pricier items in my wardrobe, but most of my shopping is done at Forever 21, Marshall’s and H&M. My brother likes to call me a tom boy because I like masculine influences (see shoes in OOTD #1) but I love to add a feminine red lip in most outfits. It’s hard to put my fashion choices in a box, because I love a flirty dress just as much as I love a rugged pair of jeans. I’m also a huge fan of sweatpants, so there ya have it.

Let me know in the comments where you do most of your shopping. I’m going to start doing some online shopping and would love suggestions 🙂


Paige xx


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