Calvin Klein Racer Back Bra: My Fave

Hi folks!

I mentioned in a previous post that I had purchased a Calvin Klein sports bra. I pretty much knew I was going to be obsessed with it based on my love of sports bras, Calvin Klein and all things comfy. I read the reviews and just knew it was going to be a match made in heaven.


Of course I was correct. This is literally the most comfortable sports bra I have ever owned. While the material is not super thick, it still offers a great amount of support. That being said, I can’t speak for everyone. While I don’t have a super tiny chest, I don’t have a large chest either. I wear my bra with tank tops, tshirts and even sweaters, but I could see it not being potentially as versatile for those ladies who are a bit more developed.


It’s super soft and super stretchy. I ordered a medium based on the reviews I read online and it fits perfectly. I was a little nervous about washing it and it not retaining it’s form because it is so stretchy, but because it is a well made item, it still seems brand new and I’ve washed it loads of times (as I said I’ve been basically wearing nothing else for the last few weeks.)

I even went as far as to purchase another one in grey! I originally bought the black because I thought it was the most versatile, but I found that I can certainly use another option so I can truly WEAR NOTHING ELSE OTHER THAN CALVIN KLEIN SPORTS BRAS.


I ordered again from Nordstrom because shipping was free and I knew it would get hear fairly fast. It took about 6 days this time around, which seems like a year when you’re excited for something, but in the grand scheme of things wasn’t that bad at all.

I truly recommend this bra to ANYONE who is looking for some comfy loungewear that can be worn around the house or out in public. They have a number of different pieces in the same material in pretty much all the neutral colors.


Let me know what your favorite sports bras or comfy clothes are in the comments. With winter just around the corner (blegh), you can never have enough comfywear!


Paige xx


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