Live a Life You’re Proud Of

Hi folks!!

The Life and Times of Paige Jacqueline are pretty exciting these days! I recently just got a full time job at my dream company in Manhattan, which alone is exciting enough to send me over the moon. On top of that (but no less exciting!), the day has finally come that my boyfriend is moving to New York for a year!

I’ve always tried to live my life in a way that makes those who love me proud as well as a life that I enjoy living. Lucky for me, the two very often intersect. Living a “want to” life has lead me all over the world, closer to my dreams and I’ve met a whole bunch of incredible people along the way. Things don’t always go as planned, but in this moment, there’s not one thing I would change because it wouldn’t have lead me to where I am today, and where I am today is pretty damn amazing.


While of course there are some things you “have to” do, I hope the “have to’s” lead you closer to the “want to’s.” Life is too short to spend it miserable. Try and make the balance between have and want work out in your favor. Because although it may be difficult sometimes, you’ll never ever regret it.

jack k


Paige xx


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