Ireland-America Working Holiday Visa

Hi Guys,

A lot of people ask me about how I was able to travel Europe for a year while living and working in Dublin, Ireland.


It’s no secret I love to travel. After graduation, I was desperate for something new and exciting. I was working and needed a change. My cousin Courtney found this visa called the “Working Holiday Visa.” It’s for any people ages 18-35 who are students looking to take a gap year abroad or are a recent college graduate.

In my case, I graduated in May 2013, so I had to be in Ireland by May 2014 in order to stay for a year. I applied for the visa in February and was on a plane in late April with my BFF in tow for one helluva adventure!


A couple of countries have visa agreements such as this, but the qualifications and restrictions are a little different. For all intents and purposes, the visa I am chatting about is just America-Ireland, not vice versa or any other country for that matter.

My visa didn’t have many restrictions other than how long I was able to stay. I had a little trouble finding a job in the beginning, but thankfully, Michelle’s cousins’ The Coynes owned a Bed & Breakfast in Dublin and were able to give me a job as a receptionist and then later as Revenue Manager.


My experience abroad was nothing short of magical. I had Michelle with me for an adventurous 3 months where we explored Ireland, Positano and the Amalfi Coast and visited my Emily in Paris.



Following Michelle, my cousin/built in BFF, Courtney came and we had the opportunity to live together for the remainder of the year and have way too many adventures to count.



I met my boyfriend who I am still dating and had the opportunity to explore Northern Spain and parts of Ireland as well as show him around New York at New Years. He now has the same visa I had received in the opposite direction (IRL–>USA) and I am ECSTATIC.


I learned a lot about myself and more about the world. I got to cross more countries off my bucket list and add a few more in their place. I always encourage anyone who is considering traveling to DO IT. Do everything you can to be able to see the world. There’s so much out there to be seen and so many people to meet. Don’t let life pass you by. Travel, Love and Learn. You’ll never regret it.


You can find out more and apply for the visa here. Let me know if you have any more questions about the visa or if you’ve ever lived abroad in the comments!


Paige xx


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