Giuliana Rancic, An E! Legend

Well folks,

Today is a sad day for the world of Entertainment news. Giuliana Rancic (formerly Giuliana DePandi) is leaving E! News! While I completely understand why she has decided to leave, it doesn’t leave me any less heartbroken! I thought I’d pay a little tribute to the lovely Giuliana today in honor of her last episode of E! News after over 14 years.


First and foremost, I have always been a Giuliana fan. I’m obsessed with pop culture and I have idolized her since I was young. She has my dream job. She gets to meet celebrities and ask them the questions we all wanted to know. She gets to report on gossip and what her thoughts and opinions are on the matter. It couldn’t get any better in my mind!

That being said, if you have read her autobiography, “Going Off Script,” you’ll know the road to get this dream job was not easy. Born in Naples, Italy, she was an immigrant and had to adjust to American life from a very young age. She dealt with bullying and normal teenage troubles on top of learning a completely different language.


She had her share of trials and tribulations before making her big break on E! She never stuck to the script (pun intended.. HINT TO READ HER BOOK.) She took chances, got fired, fought her way back and revolutionized how we consume entertainment news. She not only revitalized E! News when it was about to be taken off the air, but she put it on top. When people think E! News, they think G. As much as I love Maria Menounos and think she’ll be a great addition to the team, it’s hard for me to picture E! News without Giuliana on the screen.


Not only has she overcome a lot of resistance in her career path, but she’s also fought a lot of difficult battles in her personal life. After facing a very difficult and public breakup with Jerry O’Connell, she finally found and fell in love with Bill Rancic (see Apprentice Season 1 and fall in love too.) She struggled with infertility while trying to conceive a child with Bill. Infertility is a heartbreaking problem that millions of women across the planet face and it’s not any easier when battling it in the public eye. While trying to make a life, there was a time when she thought she may lose her own. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. After many difficult procedures and treatments, she kicked cancer’s ass (like we all knew she would,) but faced a lot of scrutiny for her rapid weight loss. Giuliana is not one to give up or give in, so she faced ridicule and criticism with the unscripted dignity and grace we find so refreshing.


If you can’t tell how obsessed I am with her already, then let me spell it out for you. I AM OBSESSED WITH GIULIANA RANCIC. When caught up in a sticky situation following some poorly made statements on Fashion Police that caused Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffin to quit the show, she once again handled the situation as best as she could. Rather than defending her comments or firing back at the rude statements Kelly made, she apologized and owned up to her mistakes. She apologized personally to Zendaya, publicly on social media and again live on E! News. You can crucify her all you want, but it takes a strong person to admit her mistakes and not give in to the negativity. While this portrayed her in a different light, I was incredibly impressed how she handled the firestorm following the controversy.

While she is leaving E! News, she will continue to be an E! correspondent on both Fashion Police and the E! Red Carpet. She has chosen to make the permanent move to Chicago in order to live the life she’s always dreamed of with Bill and her adorable son, Duke. I’m sad to see her go, but delighted she’s not completely leaving the entertainment world behind! I wish her all of the best and will continue to love and support her like the fan girl that I am.


Here’s to you, Giuliana. Thank you for EVERYTHING you’ve done for not only E! News, but for being an aspiring role model for those young and old. Thank you for being you unapologetically and congratulations on 14 years of a fabulous career.


Paige xx

P.S. Let me know in the comments if you love her as much as I do! You can buy her New York Times Bestselling book “Going Off Script” here. It’s an easy read, but really portrays her in a much deeper light than you’ve ever seen her before. Definitely a must read!

Also, Buy her wine XO, G and check out her clothing line on HSN, G by Giuliana!


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