Why I’m Obsessed with Instagram

Hello Loves,

Growing up in the Age of Technology, it is hard for me to remember a world without cell phones, wireless internet and computers. While it was certainly different when I was younger, I never really had to adjust to a world without the convenience of technology. There are plenty of arguments out there about the pros and cons of it, but for the purpose of this post, I love it and I think technology is generally a good thing.

Being a fairly tech-savvy gal with an iPhone it’s fairly safe to assume that I have a ton of apps that I use regularly. While I have uses for all of them, my favorite at the moment (and for quite a while) is Instagram. I’m obsessed with Social Media, but sometimes have a short attention span because of all of the content that is thrown at me. Instagram is the perfect way to fix this because it is just pictures with captions. It’s super easy to keep up with and even easier to use! Although some accounts are more visually appealing than others, I’m delighted with how my Instagram feed looks when I scroll through. I’ve decided to pick a couple of my favorites. I follow brands, bloggers, celebs, photographers, friends and family! It’s a perfect blend of things I love to look at.

1. Erika Fox (@retroflame)

IMG_2048ps MG_9908ps2

This is actually a blogger that my boyfriend recently came across! While doing some research into American-Irish visas, he came across Erika’s blog and sent it to me immediatly because he knew I’d be in love. Erika is an Irish gal living in New York City taking on the fashion blogging world by storm. Her Instagram feed features NYC snapshots, her adorable outfits and yummy food she eats. She’s not only very talented and well spoken, but she’s gorgeous! I’m so envious and I love scrolling through her feed as well as her blog which you can find here.

2. Man Bun Monday (@manbunmonday)

rfz2bPd tumblr_neuvow28NF1ro3n0go1_500

This is just a silly one, but I felt that I should include it. Who doesn’t love a hot guy who is ripped and has a man bun?! They post frequently so my feed always has a good number of hot men rockin a sweet bun at any given time. While the photos the operator (Taylor Franklin @taylaa_franklin) posts are not original photographs, they are still drool worthy and a good follow!

3. The Travel Channel (@travelchannel)

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It’s no secret to anyone that I’m obsessed with travel. I follow a ton of travel bloggers and photographers on Instagram, but one of my favorite accounts is the actual travel channel itself. They post pictures of places all over the world including pictures of incredible places right here in the U.S of A. The pictures are of a really high quality and it helps me add to the endless list of places I must see!

4. The Way We Met (@thewaywemet)

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 10.02.08 PM Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 10.02.34 PM

This is a bit of a sappy Insta suggestion because that’s just who I am. I love stories of fate and funny coincidences. This Instagram account combines both of those things with a heavy dose of love. I have loved love every since I was a little girl and instantly fell for this account. The stories range from people who have only been dating for a short time to people who have been married for decades. It’s really all encompassing and it’s a really feel good Instagram if you need a pick me up. You can also follow the blog with all the stories here.

5. Brooke Saward (@worldwanderlust)

20140403-132440 IMG_8850

This one is a bit of a combination of lifestyle, food, fashion and travel. Brooke travels the world as her job (talk about my dream life.) She reviews restaurants, hotels, resorts and the like on her blog World of Wanderlust. She’s young but her posts and suggestions are good for people from all walks of life. She gives tips on things like travel photography, how to live like a local, etc. I love it and I truly envy every single part of her life!


Well everyone, that’s just a few of my favorites, but I honestly could go on forever! I love Instagram and I think it really took the social media world by storm. Companies use it now to promote their business and it’s become an integral part of a successful marketing plan. It’s fun, easy and addicting! You can follow me @paigehoffs. Leave your instagram or some accounts you can’t get enough of in the comments and I’ll follow you. I’m always looking for new accounts to follow.


Paige xx


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