Why Disney Pixar’s Inside Out is So Important

Greetings Loves,

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Disney Pixar’s Inside Out which came out at the end of June. Not only does the movie have a star studded cast, but it truly is the first of it’s kind. There are tons of movies that pull on the heart strings, but there really isn’t anything out there that shows kids what is truly going on in their head making Inside Out very unique.


Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, Anger.. all of these are chemical reactions based on experiences you face in every day life. They are little triggers sent to your brain so you react accordingly. To young kids, this is a really hard concept to wrap their heads around. “Why am I sad?” “OH NO THIS IS SCARY” “I hate this!” All of these are emotions kids feel every single day, but handing them a science text book won’t really clear up any confusion on the matter.

Inside Out - Emotion Poster Collaboration

Inside Out took a confusing process of growing up and laid it out as simply and fun as it could. As a 23 year old gal, I am still trying to figure out why I feel the way I feel about certain things. Everyone is different and has their own “headquarters” in the brain operating and forming who we are as a person.

I don’t want to give too much away if you haven’t seen it yet because I truly believe this is a must see for people aged 5 to 105. The movie takes you through the inter workings of the human brain showing how your personality is formed, how you process memories and the emotions that are attached to them. It shows the importance of every emotion and how they work together to create who you are as a person.

A portion of the movie shows “sadness” and how it is basically an annoying emotion. It just gets in the way and doesn’t accomplish anything. It’s lumpy and pessimistic and just seems to bring everyone else down. Throughout the movie, you grow to understand the importance of not only joy, disgust, anger and fear, but also how important sadness is to the whole system. The movie introduces the emotion, or lack there of, apathy. It shows teenage mood swings and how it happens, which I think is incredible.


This movie is so important for so many reasons that it actually makes me emotional (no pun intended.) This is the first movie that shows kids that it’s OKAY to be sad when you’re missing something, it’s OKAY to be mad when you have to leave your childhood home behind, it’s OKAY to be grossed out by broccoli because not only is this something biological, but it’s something NORMAL. So many young people navigating through adolescence feel alone, and out of place because of the things they feel. Inside Out shows that all of those weird feelings and emotions are completely normal and it’s happening to everyone inside their head whether they show it or not.

Aside from the movie itself, the voices of celebrities I love and admire certainly didn’t hurt. Amy Poehler voices “Joy,” Mindy Kahling as “Disgust,” Bill Hader as “Fear,” Lewis Black as “Anger” and Phyllis Smith as “Sadness.” Each one was the perfect casting choice to truly embody the emotion that were portraying.

Inside Out Portrait Session

Inside Out was amazing. I saw it in 3D with my younger brother, which was really cool. There wasn’t necessarily things popping out of the screen at us, but it created a 3 dimensional world as the characters navigated through “Imagination Land” and “Goofy Island.” I really enjoyed it, but I’m sure it would be just as good in a regular screening, because it’s the concept of the movie that counts the most.


Run, don’t walk to see this movie in theaters because it has really revolutionized the movie industry. It’s clever, funny, heartwarming and fantastic. I loved every second of it and I am so impressed with Disney and Pixar for once again tackling a difficult issue and nailing it. Two thumbs up!


Paige xx


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